Plus 2 (67-75)

The Elan +2 was introduced in 1967 with a longer wheelbase and two rear seats. 5,200 Elan +2 were made: fewer than 1,200 of these cars remain in the roads today. Their relative rarity, clean lines, respectable performance and practicality are the main factors for the rising interest on these cars among collectors.

The Elan ceased production in 1973 and the Elan +2 in 1975, replaced by the new Elite and Eclat. An estimated total of 17,000 original Elans and Elans +2 were built. Because of its successful design and rigorous attention to cost control on the body, chassis, engine and the transmission, the Elan went on to become Lotus' first commercial success, reviving a company stretched thin by the more exotic and expensive to build Lotus Elite with fiberglass monocoque body/chassis and all-aluminium Coventry Climax engine; and enabled funding of the Lotus success in racing over the next ten years.

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Spark Plugs Elan

Spark Plugs Elan

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